Time Lord Rock Meets The Wizarding World!   The NPR and MTV.com praised “Ken Spivey Band,” combines mad Celtic energy with raw punk mayhem, while beguiling audiences with gypsy charm.

Band Members

Ken Spivey

NPR & MTV.com praised musician and entertainer Ken Spivey has expanded his Renaissance act into the science fiction/fantasy world by performing his critic and fan acclaimed original music based on the long running British science fiction series, Doctor Who.

Beginning in 2015, Ken Spivey has begun to draw more inspiration from The Wizarding Worlds, as well as other realms of fantasy.  Ken also began to introduce new musical elements into his band’s already diverse sound sound…Raga Rock, the music of the Middle East, 1990’s Grunge, as well as further exploring the genres of Celtic Drinking Music and Punkish Pop Rock.

Due to his over twenty years of stage experience, his music’s unique and diverse songwriting style, Ken’s fan approachability, coupled with his extensive knowledge of all things Whovian (as well as many other subjects in related genre, sci-fi or fantasy universes)…Ken has become one of the most requested musicians and guests at many of the nation’s premier conventions.

In addition, Ken has sat on or led numerous science fiction & Fantasy related panels at conventions all over the southeastern US.  He often draws from his academic background in Gender Theory, Sexuality, and Romantic Relationships in the Ancient and Modern World when speaking upon various topics.


Audrey Spivey

After years of vocal and classical music training, Audrey further explored her passion of music through the art of dance.  Her journey led her from Egyptian, Oriental, folkloric and fusion styles.  Audrey’s voice brings a sultry quality to the band which perfectly match her beguiling, dance inspired stage presence.  In addition to singing, Audrey also performs on keyboard, synth, zills, and various forms of percussion.


Meredith Marsh

Meredith has been a regular on the Tampa Bay music scene since the early 2000’s.  While Meredith is best known for her amazing viola skills, she is also superb vocalist who dabble in the banjo and ukulele   Meredith also bring with to the band her Daria-eque, dry wit and banter.

Abi Burgess

Long time friend and band mate of Ken, Abi has performed with countless Renaissance, Celtic, and Rock bands.  Abi is human metronome whose key instrument is the djembe.  She also can keep perfect time on a trap set to a tambourine, a shaker and vibes, to the most obscure instrument from the furthest most corners of the globe.   Abi is one of the hardest worked and loyal musicians we have ever had to the honor to work with.