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We at Fanboy Expo would highly recommend Ken Spivey and The Ken Spivey Band. Ken is an excellent celebrity MC. He capable of moderating and facilitating panels. The Ken Spivey Band always provides quality entertainment and often times draw more attendance than many minor media celebs.


Tanya Hoover , Fanboy Expo –

We had The Ken Spivey Band at our convention based on a ton of great recommendations, and they did not disappoint. Not only was the band great, but Ken Spivey himself agreed to be part of several panels and never failed to entertain. After that, we knew we had to invite them back for our next event. We had even more fun the second time around. Ken was always ready to step up and help out in any way he could to make our event a pleasure for our attendees. Great band led by a great guy. The Ken Spivey Band will always have an invitation for our events!

Ron Methvin Chief Organizer, CONjure

“His latest work embraces both the rising steampunk movement as well as Spivey’s own traditional punk-rock roots. …the music they are producing has all the mad energy of that Mad Mad, complete with gears, science and sex.

I got to hear a cut from Universe Yields, “Sexy Professor (The River Song)” and it’s just bloody fantastic. So much trock reaches for the stars. Spivey keeps it running on the ground with explosions in true punk form. It’s the first really great Doctor Who punk tune since “I Am a Dalek,” and it wins over even non-Whovians.”

The Houston Press

“If you haven’t heard, there’s a whole culture of Doctor Who themed music, called TROCK (Timelord Rock). And there’s – as you might imagine – a LOT of it. One of the better ones we’ve heard recently is the new album called “Memoirs of the Time War” from The Ken Spivey Band. You can’t go wrong with tracks like ‘Girl in the Fireplace’ or ‘Companion’s Lament,’ so go check it out on Amazon now.”

“It was a pleasure to work with the Ken Spivey Band at TimeGate this year. They were consummate professionals, very courteous, and the show they performed was outstanding. They drew a large audience and kept them entertained for a solid hour, singing clever songs and getting the audience members involved. I look forward to working with them again in the future!”

Alan Siler, Vice President. TimeGate Convention

“Ken Spivey is the cat’s pajamas. Not only does he have awesome stage presence, but his music will stick with you like sweet caramel sticks in your teeth, leaving a delicious memory for your brain to keep tasting for many nights to come”

Orianna Kurrus, Fashion Designer and Artist

“The Ken Spivey Band is a high energy musical group that keeps you interested, and before you know it, you’re singing along.”

Jeremy Croteau, Executive Producer, Sarasota Medieval Fair, Inc

“Good, old fashioned pub rock…”

John Ferguson, Empire Nightclub

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